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About Us

Brick oven pizza, salads, and Pacific Northwest microbrews are our specialty here at Alibi Room. We offer classic flavors with good quality ingredients. Each of our menu items is made from scratch in-house for incredible taste! Enjoy simple, delicious and affordable pizza and beer, as well as calzones, tasty appetizers, and fresh salads.


Pike Place Alibi Room

The Alibi Room off Post Alley is immersed in history and spirit. Made with cobblestones from the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and brought here on lumber ships, Pike Place market opened in 1907. The following 87 years, before the Alibi Room opened its doors, several souls occupied this space. One ghost named “Frank” still makes an appearance now and then. Opened in 1994, and backed by Seattle’s Tom Skerritt, the Alibi Room was a cool haunt for artists and freelance writers. It was sold to our current owners in 2006; and you can still find the 40+ old scripts of films, some in which Tom Skerritt has appeared, in the bookshelves.

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